Here is another research blog!

My name is Quan-Zhi Ye, you can just call me “Yeh”. I have been a die-hard lover of astronomy since a kid, and I am proud to find myself keep following the dream over years. I am currently doing my PhD in astronomy with Prof. Peter Brown at the University of Western Ontario on meteor science, but I am also very interested in other topics in astrophysics, atmospheric and planetary sciences and have been involved in some side projects in these areas. I am also eager to do outreach, but it is mostly within China (my home country). Although English is not my first language, I guess it won’t stop me from start writing a research blog. Perhaps things will get improved over time. I plan to put together bits from my research or something I find useful/related to my research, and I hope they can be of use to someone at some time, who knows — let’s see how this play out.