About Me

You can visit my static research webpage or see my one-page Curriculum Vitae.

My name is Quan-Zhi Ye, you can just call me “Yeh”. If you wonder, the correct pronouncion of my name is Ch’üan Chih Yeh. Ye or Yeh is in fact my surname, but in China (my home country) calling people by their surname is very common, especially between friends. And of course, Yeh is a good word to speak!

I have been a die-hard lover of astronomy since a kid (that was 5 if you ask!), and I am proud to find myself keep following the dream over years. I am currently doing my PhD in astronomy with Prof. Peter Brown at the University of Western Ontario on meteor science. I am also very interested in other topics in astrophysics, atmospheric and planetary sciences, and have been involved in some side projects in these areas. I am also keen in doing outreach. I have been a science writer for more than a decade, although most of my work is done in Chinese. English is not my first language, and I am working to master it. I guess it is not a bad idea to start writing a research blog in English, as I believe things will get improved over time. I plan to put together bits from my research together with something I find useful/related to my research, perhaps they can also be of use to someone at some point, who knows — let’s see how this play out.

Besides astronomy, I also take a range of things as my hobbies. From the title photograph you may guess I love music, mainly classical music. I play violin and viola as soloist or in orchestra, and I have been trying music composition since high school. I also like travelling, hiking, cycling, swimming and playing table tennis and badminton. I travelled all the provinces/regions/areas (whatever you would like to call it) in Greater China Region during my undergrad and I consider it to be one of the coolest things I have ever done. I may not be very talented in learning new languages, but I am learning Spanish and French right now.

Last revised: 2014 May 11


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